Friday, March 15, 2013

PhotoSorter 0.4 available

PhotoSorter 0.4 is now available.

This is a small incremental release with a couple of changes:
  • 1 - Skip all untagged photos in the directory that the current photo is in enhancement
  • 2 - Choose to order photos by date, ascending or descending
  • 5 - Cache upcoming images so they can be stepped through quicker
  • 8 - Add '.thumbnails' to default excluded directories
  • 12 - Menu item to link to web site for information
  • 13 - Export photos to directory in format 'yyyy/yyyy-MM'
  • 14 - Remember the export directory
  • 15 - Show timestamp for photo
For more information, see

Let me know if you find this software useful, and discuss it on the group.


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