Sunday, February 10, 2013

vsConsole 2.0.6 available

I've released a small incremental improvement to vsConsole. This release 2.0.6 includes:

#1: Upgrade Grails to 2.2
#2: Fix table layout in application version listing
#3: Allow filtering on the Log Files/Agent listing
#4: Highlighting in log files - configurable keywords and colors via Admin/Log files
#5: Applications/Performance to show graphs of the time taken to poll the applications

Please note that in addition to the discussion group, you can raise bugs and feature enhancements here.

If you want to know more about vsConsole, please see

Download vsConsole.

vsConsole is a tool for developers and testers which lets you easily tail log files on remote servers, monitor the status and version of applications deployed to your environments, and stay informed with broadcast messaging.  Read more.

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