Friday, March 18, 2011

Having trouble accessing log files?

During development and testing, we often need to check our application log files. Traditionally – at least for me – its been  a real hassle getting access to those logs. Not just the permissions problems, but remembering where they all are, and SSHing and CDing etc. Even though I don’t do it often, when I need to do it – I want it to be easy.

I’ve always wanted an application that would just let me click to view a log file – no server logins, no permissions problems, no having to remember where the logs are. So I built vsConsole.

vsConsole lets you view and tail log files on remote servers. vsConsole is a java web application – deployed to Tomcat. It communicates with vsAgent installations on the remote servers (vsAgent is a java application which is configured to expose certain files). Now when you want to view a log file, you can easily go to vsConsole, select the server you are interested in – and then select the log file you want to view. Its that easy.

If this sounds useful to you, download it and see if it works for you – documentation on installing and using can be found here. Let me know how it goes.

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