Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Announcing vsConsole

vsConsole 1.0.1

vsConsole 1.0.1 is now available, supporting viewing and tailing remote server logs. This is intended to be a productivity tool for developers and testers by providing access to log files through a centralized web application. This is an early release, and works best running in Tomcat via Chrome or Firefox.

The problem

Have you ever been developing or testing an application and needed to go look at the server logs? How many times have you opened a terminal, logged in to the server, changed to the log directory and then tailed the log? Ever found you’ve forgotten where the log files are, or don’t have access to the files or an account on the server?

I’ve been through this many times, and by the time its all been sorted out its a bit late and totally frustrating. Checking a log shouldn’t take any time, and that is (one part of) why I’ve started working on vsConsole.

vsConsole FileView

In this release, vsConsole has 1 feature
  • FileView
FileView allows you to view and tail logs on remote servers via a web interface. Intended for developers and testers during the application development lifecycle, you can easily check the logs on your DEV and TEST servers at the click of a button.

I’m planning on adding other features (unrelated to logging) to vsConsole so it will grow to become multi purpose – these features will attack simple pain points and aim to provide productivity gains to development departments. All from a simple to install and use application.

See the menu links for find the Documentation, Downloads, and Support Forums.

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